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Prime Directive

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Prime Directive Pro Biotic Powder - 150g

Prime Directive


Quantity: 150gm (60 Day Supply) 22 Certified Organic Wholefoods with 13 types of friendly bacteria Prime Directive is an organic wholefood supplement that uses a unique fermentation process to preserve and retain the goodness of 22 foods. This process using probiotics helps to break down the protein or intolerant part of the food, which means that you can take Prime Directive even if the foods in it appear on your intolerance list. Each ingredient in Prime Directive is in its wholefood state, not extracts or synthetics but just as nature intended. The process preserves 18 amino acids, crucial building blocks for life and has the added advantage of containing 13 types of friendly bacteria (Lactobacilli) processed from fruit and vegetables. Scientific studies have shown the benefits of probiotics (good bacteria) in boosting immunity, aiding nutrient absorption and maintaining a healthy gut. These good bacteria help the body to breakdown and absorb the nutrients from the food that we eat. However, they are easily killed off by the medicines, particularly antibiotics, chemicals and food additives, which we ingest on a daily basis. Once they are gone from the gut we become less efficient at absorbing nutrients and our health declines. It also allows other pathogens like bad bacteria and fungal overgrowth to take hold which puts further strain on our health. Also the 22 organic wholefoods in Prime Directive, deliver a wide spectrum of nutrition in its natural form, which the body can easily digest. These include: •18 Amino Acids (including 8 essential amino acids) that the body needs to carry out its metabolic functions properly. •Essential Fats Omega 3 & 6 - Essential for a healthy brain, immune system, skin and hair, joints and heart. •Anti-oxidants - Contains a broad spectrum of anti-oxidants including Beta Carotene that help to minimise free radical damage to the cells. •Minerals - Contains a long list of minerals which are crucial for many metabolic and enzyme functions in the body •Vitamins - Contains many of the vitamins that have been shown to be vital to human health. We recommend that everyone use Prime Directive as a part of his or her daily healthcare regime. 22 Organic Wholefoods (L:) Whole Oats Green Barley L.acidophillus Whole Wheat Green Alfalfa L.delbruecki Whole Barley Green Wheat L.caseii Whole Flaxseed Adzuki Beans L.bulgaricus Whole sunflower kernels Black Strap Molasses L.causasicus Whole Pecan Nuts Brown Rice L.fermenti Whole Almonds Mung Beans L.plantarum Whole Pepitas Fresh Ginger L.brevis Whole Rye Spriulina 13 Lacobacillus L.helveticus Whole Maize L.leichmanni Whole Millet L.lactis Whole Alfalfa Seed L.sporogen Whole Buckwheat L.bifidus

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